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Global Mass Healing


Namaste everyone!
The video-activation above activates your participation in The Global Mass Healing: The Healing Dance of The Eagle!
If you participate directly during the event the 5th of October, I advice you to start this video 7pm - coordinating your participation with the healing taking place in Bergen (Norway).
You can also use this video-activation in the days following the 5th of October, and this will activate the Global Mass Healing.

The healing last about 1 1/2 hour, and you are encouraged to be consciouss of the processes during the healing for the most effective integration of the healing.
For more information about the event - continue to read...
It is with deep gratitude to the cosmic evolution of light and love that I bring you the opportunity to participate in this Global Mass Healing. As we approach what can be called the New Earth of unity consciousness and loving awareness, new healing-energies are opened up at earth... connecting us to the higher consciousness and angelic realms.

This Global Mass Healing takes you into a journey within your soul, where you will experience the united healing-energy of the eagle and the angelic realms.

As you may now, the spirit energy of the eagle is deeply connected with the awakening change that is taking place at earth at this time. The eagle-spirit is as much within us, as without us - and by connecting with this inner eagle-spirit, we open our bodies to the complete integration of higher consciousness and our higher self.

This Global Mass Healing is called 'the dance', because this energy really feels like a dance within your spirit in body.... it is as if your choice to love yourself as a human being, takes you into a flying sensation of higher perspective and light... but still grounding that experience deeply into your body and earthly life!

I invite everyone to join this opportunity - because this healing is about your inner peace... but also, and very strongly about peace at earth.
By opening up to this deep healing, connecting with higher consciousness... we lift humanity into the New Loving Earth.

Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends - giving them the opportunity to participate!

'We are one family,
of realization...
into a cosmic consciousness,
of loving awareness...
and divine presence.

Blessed are you,
uniting as One...
That Great I Am'


Date: Thuesday the 5th of October
Time: 7pm - 8.30pm Norwegian time (see time-converter link at this page)
Place: Strandgt. 10 in Bergen & from homeby video-activation at
Price: in Strandgt. - 200kr, from home - free

Registration: by Monday the 4th of october for participation in Strangt. 10
Registration is done to phone:  411 43 904  or mail:

With loving awareness...
Kjetil Andrč Jacobsen

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