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The Celestial Water HEALING PROJECT is an unique open invitation to personal and collective healing & awakening through the element of water! It is with joy and deep gratitude to Mother Eath that I present this opportunity freely to you, as a natural loving response to the love that earth and humanity shares with me!         

With Loving Blessings, Kjetil Andrč

As we approach an new ara of time here at earth, the elemental forces of nature will be increasingly more important as re-connectors to the inner light of humanity. They will act as actual energetic transformers taking earth & humanity into the higher dimension of love and unity, by acting as seeds of inner peace enabeling human peace at earth!

Water has a special role in the coming years, because it holds the potential of earthing higher frequencies of light as a medium connecting heaven and the inner crystal core of the earth.

The Celestial Water HEALING PROJECT  gives you the unique opportunity to unite personal and collective healing & awakening, through the use of Celestial Water-transmission of higher light-frequencies.

Through his ability to connect with, and earth higher dimensional frequencies of light - Kjetil Andrč Jacobsen is able to transmit these vibrations into your daily water. These transmissions of higher light-frequencies creates what is called Celestial Healing Water.


Celestial Healing Water is your ordinary tapped water, vibrated with higher frequencies of light through the use of light-transmissions by video-activations at these pages. These video-activations will be broadcasted periodically, as they will be coorinated with the different healing-frequencies being most imporant to mother earth and humanity.  


By following the link at this page, you are presented to the video-activation. You are there given further instructions. By placing your own tapped water in front of the computer while playing the video-activation, these higher frequencies of light are automatically vibrated into the water during a few minutes.

WHAT IS THE EFFECT?                                                                                                     

The Celestial Healing Water directly ressonate with your inner light, activating this according to your highest good. The water will be activated with an accordingly effect through the following factors:

The higher dimensional light-frequencies of the specific transmission, having direct relationship with both personal and collective healing.

Your personal energetic profile, and need of healing & transformation at the time you are watching the video-activation.

The specific relationship between the water, collective consciousness and the energetics of mother earth - through the tapping and use of your home water.

The Celestial Healing Water will heal you through the activation of your own inner light.


You can use the Celstial Healing Water as often as you like. It will always work according to your highest best.

The Celestial Healing Water can uniquely be combined with your meditation and healing practise, as it will highten the potential healing of all other activities ressonating with your heart.

Maybe most importantly, The Celestial Healing Water gives you the opportunity to integrate personal healing & awakening easily into your daily life.


Welcome to personal & collective healing and awakening...



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