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As a Spiritual Healer & Teacher of Love...  Kjetil Andrč has a gratitude towards the togetherness of our spiritual journey here at earth. As a part of this deep thankfullness to existence, his work will always reflect the free natural exchange of life force-energy and higher light... to an extent that makes it possible for him to do the healing-work that ressonates with Spirit.

Loveliness and service to the highest good of all creatures and mother earth, is the innate Master-principle being awakened more and more at earth now!


Free Healing-video

This free healing takes you through a deep inner healing journey connecting you with your inner light, gratitude and love!

There is no instructions in this video - just sit back, take some deep breaths, and allow yourself to observe and feel when you receive and open your own divinity!



At this time the free healing-projects of Kjetil Andrč Jacobsen include:

- Global Mass Healings through the internet by healing-activations

- Global Mass Healings by LIVE TV broadcasting  (april/may 2010)

- Free Individual Healing to people with cancer in Norway

- Free Project groups targeting specific illnesses by LIVE TV healings

- The Celestial Water Project (information coming soon)



To all the heavens of the earth...
to all the seas of heaven...
Below as above.

Open my heart in the grace of Love,
let the true nature that I am...
rise in my heart,
like the sun rises from inside the earth.

With the grace of love,
in oneness with all of creation,
let me be the seed,
of loving service and growth.

In the name of the loving creation,
grant me the freedom...
to love myself,
like I will love each and every creature.

As I rise with the sun,
and sleep with the moon...
let my spark of life,
awaken the master that I am.



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