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Spiritual Healer & Teacher of Love from Norway...

As a sport scientist working with high level athletes and performance testing, Kjetil Andrč experienced a spontanous spiritual awakening after a lifealtering experience with acute altitude-sickness at the Mountain of Kilimanjaro. From being in a state of full mental focus and dedication on life-goals - he experienced the complete and spontanous release of all thoughts. Complete stillness - complete awareness... oneness with all existence. The saying: nothingness holds everything suddenly was realized within every moment. Eternity and the moment itself was one.

This led him into a spiritual journey of re-activating spiritual awareness and knowing, where he dedicated himself deeply to the practice of ourlong daily meditations over several years. In this integration-period he received spiritual guidance from the  lightbeings from the very start. This jouney took him through daily inner journeys re-living previous incarnations, and spirit-journeys enabeling him to integrate new dimensions of frequencies into his human self.

After several years of integrating his spiritual self, he started using his healing-abilities more openly. These abilities had been unconsciously witheld since the childhood, and their conscious awakening led Kjetil Andrč into a deep wish of helping other people. From this point Kjetil Andrč quickly gained reputation as a healer, working both with individual clients and with group-healings. He is currently also working throughout Norway with online meditation & healing through the internet.

From this practice as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher of Love, he dedicates his work to prepare earth and humanity towards the great dimensional awakening of the coming years.

From his ability to integrate and ground frequencies of higher dimensional light and awareness into the human body, and mother earth - his work naturally continues as an important integral part of the awakening at earth. The last years he has worked with the divine template of the human light-body, through the integration and earthing of Christ-consciousness. This has been done through specific transmissions of higher frequencies of light, being earthed through the work of spiritual blessings to large groups of people.

From this point Kjetil Andrč has opened up previously earthed cosmic meridians from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, as he was led into Cosmic healing-energies by lightbeings of other planet- and starsystems. They guided him into a gateway of light, which has the potential of awakening humanity through the human experience of cosmic awakening and oneness with the Cosmic Christ Self.

Kjetil Andrč always work at a multidimensional level, being a catalyzator of higher light-frequencies. Through his own integration of these frequencies, and their grounding and healing effects through his healing-work - he opens a bridge to enable humanity to step into a higher vibrational functioning light-body. This happens naturally when each and every person choose and experience their inner awakening of light.



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