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Kjetil Andrč offers Personal Distance Healing to individuals all over the world. As a Spiritual Healer he has the ability to work completely from within a zero-pointed angel, with new light-frequencies that are continously being upgraded.

As a healer he is characterized as being able to manifest spiritual growth and healing at a cellular level, leading to deep personal transformation and spiritual growth.

After an acute spiritual awakening, he has dedicated his work as a healer and teacher to open earth & humanity to an awakening of our higher light-bodies within our human body and our earthly lives.

This work has brought him into work with clients and people searching for deep healing and personal transformation. He has espescially been guided into healing work with people with cancer - and he incorporates this work on a free-of-charge basis in Norway (See also "free healing projects" link at left).

Personal Distance Healing can among other things be beneficial to you who:

Seek Spiritual Healing of deeply rooted physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of your life...

Seek Spiritual Healing of less deeply rooted symptoms to open your innate natural state of well-beingness...

Seek Spiritual Healing for personal transformation & growth...

Seek Spiritual Healing to earth your light-body...

Want to develop your own healing-abilities, either as a part of a healing-practice or as a part of other holistic theraphies...


 Welcome to an inner journey of transformation and awakening...


Price: 90 Euros

See also: The Healing Cosmication

All booking and questions is done by email:

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