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The Healing Cosmication is a brand new healing-modality embracing the cosmic oneness between us and cosmic frequencies of light & love.

The Healing Cosmication is both a modality of healing, and a tool of self-awakening! When you choose to awaken these frequencies from within, you start a natural process of returning to your cosmic source of love. You remember this home deep within, and your choice is now about living this cosmic love as a human being here at earth.

As a healing-modality & tool of self-awakening The Healing Cosmication take you on a journey of healing through the very creational forces of our existence.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has evolved through 12 archetypes of human existence, and these have evolved through the heavenly maps of existence in the stars. We know these maps as the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.

Now is the time of awakening into our master-energy, which is closely related to the 13th star constellation of ophiucius. In The Healing Cosmication your energy-field is zero-pointed through this 13th-energy, and enabled to fully awaken all the 12 archetypical human angels of source-energy. From this point The Healing Cosmication takes you into an initiation of the higher cosmic frequencies, and what can be called the central sun - or the cosmic sun.

The activations and harmonization of The Healing Cosmication represents a new approach in healing - where your health and growth as a spiritual human being can be fully awakened through a realization of your master-self. You are truly opened to an eternal potential of growth - through the oneness between you and the dynamic Universe.

The Healing Cosmication is for everyone seeking individual healing, growth and personal transformation. The light-frequencies used in this healing-system is a natural part of the creational forces of the universe itself - only this strength is anchored through the human energyfield, and thereby made effective and possible to use as a very effective healing tool.


The Healing Cosmication is available as a distant healing initiation which takes you through five different phases:

1. Zero-pointing your energy which allows for a deeper process of healing and growth

2. The archetypal healing process

3. Activation of 13th Master-energy

4. Re-initiation to our solar and lunar energy, as well as to the earth

5. Initiation to Cosmic energies of The Black Whole, and The Central Sun


The Healing Cosmication is done through a two step process, with two distant healing initiations. The first and second session is seperated of between 1-3 weeks, which allows for the necessary integration and sealing of energies.


Price: 220 Euros (both sessions included)

All questions and booking is done by email:

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